Cumberland Cove Seaside Campground
Cumberland Cove Seaside Campground
Frequently Asked
Frequently Asked
1) When is the campground open?
We open the end of June and we close after Labour-Day Weekend.

2) When is check-out time?
11:00 A.M. Atlantic Daylight Time

3) What is the difference between Atlantic Daylight Time and Eastern     Daylight Time and where does it change?
Atlantic Daylight Time is one hour ahead of Eastern Daylight Time. The time changes at the Quebec or Maine and the New Brunswick boarder and includes New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

4) Do you provide bilingual service?
Micheline (Big Boss) can speak French. Doug (LiL Boss)...not so much but is getting better.

5) What is the weather like?
Typically the summer is very pleasant, usually in the mid-20's (Celsius) for the day time highs and mid-teens for overnight lows. You will not need your air-conditioning very often (if at all) during the night.

6) Are Pets allowed?
Yes, we just ask that pets are kept on a leash and attached to something or someone while on the grounds and that they are picked up after.

7) Can I attend church services?
Yes, there are several churches in the area and we will be pleased to assist you in finding the service of your choice.

8) What is the shore like?
The South Shore is more rugged and the water is warmer than the North Shore. Our cove is relatively shallow. At high tide you could walk out for a hundred yards and it would be about five feet deep, although the bottom is not always consistent and there may be deeper areas. You can swim, snorkel, wind surf, kayak or canoe. Of course these activities must be based around the tides.

9) Is it safe when the tide is out?
Absolutely. From one high tide to the next is just over 12 hours, this means you have about five to six hours of "prime" exploration and beachcombing time. So you have plenty of time to tire out the kids, the pets or yourself. The Tide Schedules is available in the office.

10) Can we go clam digging?
Yes, we will give you a quick lesson on what to look for, Provincial regulations and if we have time we may just go out there with you. All you need is something to dig with such as a shovel and a bucket (we have a couple of each) or a Bar clam shell will work just fine. Once you fine a few Bar or Razor Clams bring them back cook them up and give them a try.

11) Any other tips when out in the cove?
We recommend wearing something on your feet as this is a natural environment which includes things like crabs shells, snails, razor clams etc. We do not recommend digging with your bare hands as some of the shells can be sharp. Also apply suntan lotion even on your feet, especially if you go walking bare foot. It is always a good idea to bring some drinking water because you could have walked a kilometer or two without even noticing.

12) Is this a "party place"?
No, quiet time is 11 pm. If you are looking to party late into the night this is definitely NOT the place for you. There are plenty of other campgrounds that tolerate such activities. - See Guidelines.

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